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The Millennial Artist Wilbert Wynnberg Taking The Music Scene By Storm

A charismatic problem-solver with great business acumen, Wynnberg’s specialty is in power networking—being able to connect with anyone around the world.

Wilbert Wynnberg

Music has become a truly magical force in the world, and people nowadays simply cannot live without it. It has become an essential component of life, not just a thing. People have found solace and have their lives changed by music. Music has given people identity, healed people, given them hope, and every different song is able to evoke a different fond memory in people’s minds.

Music has outlived any other industry in the world, and will only continue to live on and prosper. As an individual who has been widely exposed to media and music from both Eastern and Western hemispheres of the world, Wilbert Wynnberg aims to make his mark on the world through his music.

The Early Life Of Wilbert Wynnberg

Wilbert Wynnberg grew up in Singapore. He is a Serial Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and Founder of Think Act Prosper magazine. He began his business career at a young age. Wynnberg first started hustling at the age of 8, selling Pokemon printouts to his peers at school. Ever since then, he has experienced highs and lows throughout his life, and one breakthrough after another.

A charismatic problem-solver with great business acumen, Wynnberg’s specialty is in power networking—being able to connect with anyone around the world. He has been featured on Forbes, USA Today, and Yahoo, along with many other regional and international news platforms. 

In 2018, Wynnberg started Think Act Prosper, a global movement that began with a simple book that went on to become an annual business conference and subsequently a magazine. He has worked with the world’s greatest business experts, thought leaders, and influencers such as Brian Tracy, Kerri Kasem, David Meltzer, and many more. 

Wynnberg is an avid pursuant of experiences. He is a licensed skydiver, former professional Muay Thai fighter, and certified speaker, among many other things that he has dabbled in.

Scaling The Heights Of Music

Since young, Wynnberg has had a great interest in music. His interest in music began when he was still in elementary school. R&B and Hip Hop has always been a great source of inspiration for him, with Eminem, Pitbull, and Jay Chou as his childhood idols. Since young, he had always had the ambition of releasing an album of his own. As he grew older and began to learn more, he soon began picking up the skills needed to realise his childhood dream, and become a provider of inspiration, following in the footsteps of the idols who had inspired him when he was younger. Wynnberg’s debut album, Think Act Prosper, is now available on most streaming platforms, and you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. His songs are as follows:

  • I Am Because We Are

  • Next Big Thing

  • One Step at a  Time

  • Order Amongst Chaos

  • Together We Conquer

  • Way of Life

  • Winners Never Quit

You may follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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