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Zachary Campos’ Sonic Journey: A Deep Dive into his Artistic Creation titled ‘Profound Knowledge’

Zachary Campos

It seems artist Zachary Campos currently finds himself in that artistic zone where creating art becomes not just a passion, but a necessity. When it comes to a musician like him, nothing can hinder the flow of music or the expression of that profound inner self. Hence, Zachary is back with another compelling collection of 5 songs titled Profound Knowledge that transport listeners to an otherworldly realm. “Flow,” the opening track, dazzles with its superb arrangement and ethereal tonality. The mesmerizing fuzzy tones highlight the EP’s core musical strengths. “Spirituality” kicks off with an impressive bass line and captivating rhythms, further enriched by an electric guitar that conjures an ethereal atmosphere, leading into Zachary Campos’ vocals that embark on a uniquely sonic journey. Meanwhile, “Waves” is a short, 58-second piece that encapsulates the EP’s essence with its diverse tonality. “Soul” stands out as the album’s most introspective track, with lyrics like “Happiness and peace are one, I’m at one within my soul,” leaving a lasting impression long after the music ends. Finally, “Calm” solidifies Zachary Campos’ sound signature, with “Divine Presence In the Essence” showcasing his mastery over lyrical expression, deriving from deep self-reflection and inner peace. Wrapping such soulful words in creative music is a formidable task, yet Zachary Campos accomplishes it with ease.

With this EP, he delves deeper into his musical exploration, showcasing a more introspective side. We highly recommend immersing yourself in this EP’s profound and soul-stirring journey.

About the EP: “Profound Knowledge is a short story about finding inner peace. This project was written during a very exciting time in my life. It was the week leading up to the release of my album Funky MC and I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. I’d stay up all night coming up with an album promotion plan. I felt this creative surge and was inspired to write an introspective project. The biggest influence for the concept of Profound Knowledge comes from The Snowy Day by author Ezra Jack Keats. The spiritual lyrics were inspired by MC extraordinaire Rakim’s book Sweat the Technique. The music was inspired by Beastie Boys’ Check Your Head, Joy Division’s – Unknown Pleasures, Motorama’s Before The Road, MILANOSPORT’s Concrete, and Rakim’s The Master.– Zachary Campos.

Zachary Campos serves as the composer and lyricist, with Josh Zuckermann and Tim J Abbott contributing as producers. Santiago Diaz is responsible for the album artwork, while Monique Lucero provided the inspiration for the project.

Stream the EP now:

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