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Gian Carlo Arrunategui: Unveiling the Canvas of True Tales – An Exclusive Interview

Gian Carlo Arrunategui Varillas

Today, we have the distinct pleasure of hosting Gian Carlo Arrunategui a multifaceted artist whose bilingual talents have paved the way for unique roles and narratives in both Spanish and English. Join us as we delve into his journey, inspirations, and the behind-the-scenes tales of his cinematic endeavors.

1. Welcome to Just Fame! You’ve trained extensively in both New York and Los Angeles. How do these two distinctive environments influence your craft?

Having experience both in New York and Los Angeles gave me the advantage of seeing both worlds making me accelerate my process of seeing theater on Broadway and Film and television in Los Angeles.

2. How have your roots in Peru shaped your creative perspectives as an actor and director?

The fact that Peru is a very rich country and by that I mean the culture and product the country has and the vast majority of stories and events that happened and still happen that need to be told and need to be experienced in an artistic, scenic, and cinematic way.

3. You’re fluent in both Spanish and English. How has bilingualism contributed to your artistic journey?

Being fluent in both Spanish and English has given me the opportunity to play diverse roles in either language, and I’m grateful for this bilingual ability.

4. What inspired you to found your company, Great Cinema Alliance, and what vision do you have for it?

With my company Great Cinema Alliance, I produce productions that I want to share and add my flavor and professionalism to it. My company helps me produce and with that, I also share stories that need to be told, there are so many of them out there and I encourage those ones to come and trust me with their stories.

5. As an actor trained in both theatre and film, do you find yourself more drawn to one medium than the other? Why?

I would say both theater and film have their things that attract me, both are very appealing, but in my personal opinion I would say film draws me more based on the fact of the freedom film gives you more than theater.

6. Can you tell us a little about your recent short film, “Miracle in Tarata”, and the true events that it is based on?

Miracle in Tarata is a story of a father and a son on the day of the Tarata terrorist attack that happened in Lima Peru in 1992. Is based on a true story that happened to a victim who lost his son.

7. How was the experience of creating a high-budget short film in your hometown?

The talent of the unique and very experienced musician Andrea Vicich was the one who created this heart-touching story that had a lot of good recipients that helped the project to be done. with a lot of help, this story came to light.

8. What are the main differences you’ve noticed between performing arts in Peru and in the United States?

The main difference would be the amount of audience. Peru has a lot of potential but there isn’t as much focus on the richness that Peru has and I feel sad about it as this hurts our culture. One of my goals is taking out Peru’s potential and bringing it out to the world and it will not only help Peru but help others who want to be open to new and rich experiences.

9. Could you share some of your most challenging experiences while acting, and how you overcame those challenges?

My most challenging experience as an actor was opening up and being vulnerable. Back in Peru, the ideas of masculinity and custom made me not as open and vulnerable as I needed to be for my career. With the training and determination of opening up and not being afraid of being vulnerable I confronted that challenge and now just try to do better and grow for me and my career.

10. How do you maintain a positive and professional approach toward your projects despite any potential setbacks or difficulties?

For me, it is not hard to maintain a positive attitude as I try to attract positive things and avoid negative things that can compromise my energy. With my professionalism, I just love doing things and have passion for it, but what I like more than all of that is doing it well and giving the best of myself with the right guidelines.


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