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Zachary Campos’ riveting new single ‘Traffic’

Zachary Campos

Today, Just Fame is featuring the new single “Traffic” from Zachary Campos’ latest album, “Funky MC.” With a sublime intro, the single enthralled us like nothing else. Zachary Campos’ signature style of evoking a distinct vibe was utterly captivating. The melodic tones from his musical realm were diverse yet blended seamlessly, like a terrific multi-genre mix. His vocal style is slightly different in this single, which is what truly amazed us. The artist’s ability to infuse unconventional creative flair with traffic as a theme along with resonating melodies in listeners’ hearts and psyches which in itself is remarkable. The voice is direct, with seasoned rawness that keeps the attention on the arrangement and its dynamic vocals as well.

““Traffic”is an indie rock anthem about how much I despise traffic. I have to drive on the highway pretty much everyday to get to my gigs. I see the worst drivers cutting people off left and right. I thought it would be awesome to write a song about my frustration with driving on the highway and with other drivers. The one good thing about being stuck in traffic for me is listening to music, which is mentioned in the song.” – Zachary Campos.

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