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Artist Zachary Campos releases a scintillating new single titled ‘Scorching’

Zachary Campos

On this stunning Friday in Los Angeles, we indulged in the freshly released track “Scorching” by Zachary Campos. Just Fame received a special sneak peek into this single, and we are thrilled to share our thoughts about this wonderful new release on our platform. The intro gently draws us into its diverse musical realm, with snappy beats and a cohesive melody blend. The arrangement is sublime, with a sprinkle of Zachary’s signature style ingrained within. However, the main element that stands out is the retro punk vibe, transporting our minds to a different era. Within that era, the pulsating bass and drums create a vibrancy of their own—a mix of nostalgia and vigor that Zachary Campos expertly recreates in “Scorching.” The transitions are seamless and captivate the listener’s psyche. Overall, we were impressed by the upbeat music and lush vocals that invigorated us.

We highly recommend this single, now streaming on major music platforms like Spotify, and it’s also featured on our official playlist!

About the artist: Zachary Campos is an MC, singer, and songwriter from San Jose, California. His music is a unique combination of old-school hip-hop from the 1980s, classic punk rock from the 1970s, and indie rock from the 2000s. Zachary has refined his skills while delighting a variety of audiences by performing at assisted living facilities and wineries for a living. His music is genuine and accessible, drawing from his environment and life experiences. He extends an invitation to his listeners to accompany him on a resilient and self-discovering journey with every song, one moving verse at a time.

Stream the single:

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