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Garden Of Aiden Actor Enea Pagni enters Brooklyn Film Festival – Official Selection 2024!


Actor Enea Pagni stars in “Garden of Aiden,” written, directed, and produced by Amalia Fuzulova. Enea plays the role of Gabriel in the film. Enea Pagni recently share his experiencing on set filming “Garden of Aiden”:

“When you first arrive on a new set on your first day, you never know what you’re going to find or what energy you’ll find. You walk in ready for anything.

This set was perfect. When I got there, I first met with Amalia, who immediately brought me cold water, assuming I looked beaten by New York’s summer heat. We started talking about life, food, her film, and I could tell we’d clicked. 

When we were filming my first scene, I asked if I could do a little improv right before my lines. I loved how Amalia loved it and on one of the last takes even ended up saying, “Can we stick to the improv? I like it.

All the people I worked with on that set have been amazing at building the right space that is needed to be vulnerable, and efficient at the same time.”


The film has caught the eye of the film festival industry pro’s at the Brooklyn Film Festival and is confirmed to be an official selection entering in 2024! Follow below actor Enea Pagni on official socials below and keep up with all the latest!




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