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Theatrical premiere: actress Jimena Herrero stars in “Between Iron Doors”!

Jimena Herrero

Jimena is a rising actress with great experience in both film and theater. Jimena has studied at many notable acting schools, including the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and Movement Theater in NYC. Jimena has also starred in a number of films. Her latest theater project, “Between Iron Doors,” is set to premiere August 5th-August 10th at the New Perspectives Theatre Company Women’s Work Short Play Festival. We had the chance to ask Jimena more about her role and more! Read below and make sure to follow Actress Jimena Herraro on social media!

Q & A with Actress Jimena Herrero

Q:  Experience in both theater and film, how would you compare the two forms of acting and is there something you like most about each ?

Jimena Herrero – A: They are different processes, for sure. In film, you have to wait a lot on set for the set to be ready and between takes for everyone to reset , but you have to come ready , no rehearsals, and very rarely you’ll encounter a director who will be willing to have a rehearsal or a reading prior, but most of the time you are on your own. Time is money, so everything goes fast. As in the theater, I love the process of rehearsals, connecting with the audience, and how every show is different and unique. although filming it stays forever. 

Can you share the storyline of your latest theater project?

Jimena Herrero – A: I’m doing a project called “Between Iron Doors” by Anel Carmona for The 2024 New Perspectives Theatre Company Women’s Work Short Play Festival.

This play is about 3 women who work together at a department store and take a bathroom breaks. Throughout the play, we discover who they are and what led them to be trapped in the bathroom.

Q: Any special shout outs ?  

Jimena Herrero  -A: Shout out to my compatriot writer Anel, who invited me to read the play, and now I got cast for the Festival. 


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