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Rising Actress Kiara Kästle Wins Best Supporting Actress In Sheet Metal Drama Film!

Kiara Kästle

Actress Kiara Kästle stars in the drama film “Sheet Metal” written and directed by Thomas Fawkes. The film recently won Best Thriller Film at the Thilsri Festival. Kiara Kastle recently won 2 awards as Best Supporting Actress in the Navy International Film Festival Award and as Best Supporting Actress at the Thilsri International Film Festival in 2023. Kiara Kastle is known for starring in films, theater, and music videos. She has studied and starred in roles in various places around the world. With a large background in film and dance experience, she knows how to make her mark on every creative project that comes her way. 

Kiara is British/German ethnicity and grew up on the Canary Islands. She is well-recognized for her stage performances, as well as her roles as a dancer in music videos and short films. She has also directed her own projects, such as the stage production of Mamma Mia, and choreographed music videos for indie musicians. Kiara is a graduate of “Stella Adler Academy of Acting” in Los Angeles, known as one of the top acting academies and known for their notable previous celeb alumni including Salma Hayek, Eric Stoltz, John Charles Jopson, John Ritter, and more! Kiara is also a graduate of “Escuela de Artes TAI” in Madrid.


Kiara Kastle recently starred in “By any other name” as the role of Rose.   The film was directed and written by Michael Luciano and won a total of 7 Awards in the film festival circuit! Make sure you follow rising actress Kiara Kastle on her official sites below to keep up with all the latest and more!


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