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‘Kids With Guns’ by Jamell Crouthers Available Now

Jamell Crouthers Kids With Guns

January 24th, 2024 – Author and prose writer Jamell Crouthers writes ‘Kids With Guns’ that addresses gun violence and school shootings that go on in America today.

With so many school shootings that have tragically happened in the past 30 years, writing a book like this was necessary. From Columbine to Virginia Tech, San Bernardino, Santa Fe and Parkland, the news reports a small amount of what really happens. Author Crouthers writes this book from the perspectives of students, a teacher, law enforcement officers, hospital workers and many other people.

A book review from Jose, “The narratives, testimonies, and stories go beyond the scope of the campus and go far beyond, putting together a nice piece of work. This book is not an easy read. As someone stated, it is not a book that seeks to find a solution, it merely tells the story from perspectives that had not been explored yet.

It just tells the story from the side of those who had to go through all the harrowing events, how is it that things like this have been happening in America for the last 20+ years. I do recommend it as it still provides a perspective on what the best road to improve would be.”

Crouthers shares his thoughts on writing this book, “Developing a story where I would write it from various perspectives was challenging. My goal was not only to speak on the school shooting and gun violence, but to allow readers to feel and emote through the characters’ words of anguish after experiencing a tragic event.”

Author Jamell Crouthers has other self-published titles such as, ‘Kids With Guns Parts 2-5,’ ‘One Drink Too Many,’ ‘I Woke Up A Black Man,’ and many other books. 

Kids With Guns is available on The Book Patch and all other bookstores. More information can be found on

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