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King Reynard has carved a pathway that will keep him forever rooted at the top, it will be interesting to watch as he blossoms on all sides.

King Reynard

The year 2020, will go down in history as a year filled with many twists and turns, and clouds of uncertainties. The music scene has suffered tremendously from these clouds of uncertainties, but, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Lyrical Miracle, Tekeim Reynard a.k.a., TJ or King Reynard’s ascension to the scene from out of Phoenix, Arizona, has sparked a new wave of enthusiasm, confidence, and gusto among music faithfuls.

King Reynard’s soulful punch lines and expressive lyrics perfectly capture his grind up from the bottom, as he tells his unique story of keeping it real, not settling for less even though there are many temptations to cut corners.

King Reynard is a witty lyricist with a vibrant craft to his name. Although born in Virginia Beach, King Reynard’s panache and his easy smooth flows over bumpy beats capture the essence of a young king that has seen it all, and on the way to doing it all.

The music scene features an assorted array of young artists and old artists, but one doesn’t need a crystal ball to distinguish between artists that are passionate about their craft and those that are in the game to make ends meet. King Reynard’s passion has been lit from a tender age and this is why it drives his unique style which has been described by many to be exceptional. Many ace music enthusiasts who know King Reynard’s story say that King Reynard’s devotion to his craft is going to be a big shoe for young and upcoming artists to attempt filling.

Reynard’s nascent rise to stardom is rife with some remarkable experiences. Outside of music, his positive impact on the football field during his time as a top D1 Football player for Netflix’s Last Chance U Season 3 and 4 Independence Community College, the Wisconsin Badgers, and Montana Grizzlies at Cornerback is one of the experiences that shaped him into a fierce goal getter. Building up from October 2019, when King Reynard gained recognition for his rich collaboration with Foolish Senpai in “Kings Don’t Die”, he has channeled his unique talent into hits such as “Crown on Me,” “My City,” “Eazy Money,” “Let Me Go,” and “Crowns in Safe” The success of these singles led to King Reynard’s first statement album titled, Oceanz, released in April of 2020 with “Go Fish,” as its lead single. “Oceanz” is slowly developing into a classic freshman debut album with 13 songs that is filled with pain and love stories from start to finish.

Reynard also has a fire EP titled “Karma” with Jadakiss and Foolish Senpai, which again, shows his dexterity with lyrics that are inspiring, melodic, fun, and groovy.

One listen to King Reynard’s songs like “Immortal,” “Go Fish,” “Willie Beaman,” “11:11”, “Boulder,” and “Mizunderstood,” will leave you wanting more. Numbers never lie, and Reynard has got them in abundant across Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms.

Now, that King Reynard has carved a pathway that will keep him forever rooted at the top, it will be interesting to watch as he blossoms on all sides.

For a taste of King Reynard’s songs, head over to Apple Music, Spotify, and his YouTube Channel.

You can also connect with King Reynard on Instagram and Twitter.      

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