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Hollywood Buzz: Meet Shivaan Makker from Pastiche Films!


Shivaan Makker, also known as Sullivan McGuffin is a director, writer, and creator of Pastiche Films. Shivaan was born in New Delhi, India and moved to New Jersey at a young age. After graduating high school, Shivaan relocated to the heart of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles, CA and started his studies at USC. From there on, Shivaan started to purse a professional career in the entertainment industry and has reached immense recognition with his short film Pastiche.  Read more to find out the latest about Shivaan Makker and Pastiche.


Shivaan Makker’s latest short film “Pastiche” has been making a big buzz in the industry. Shivaan is known for his unique directing style in horror-thriller films that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats!

The Knocktural reviewed “Pastiche” and states in part:

“Directed by Shivaan Makker, Pastiche is a short film focuses on Mike Goodwell (Nick DeMatteo), a depressed father who has to protect his family from two psychotic invaders Sydney (Alex Montaldo) and Kelly (Alex Perez). ……The film is disturbing and doesn’t hold back on making the audience uncomfortable. Makker’s influence from A Clockwork Orange feels calculated and earned, reinforcing his ideas regarding technology enhancing disturbing….. As a whole, Pastiche proves that Shivaan Makker is a director to watch.” – Joshua A. Guttman from The Knockturnal

Director and Writer Shivvan Makker recently explained in an interview his motivation behind acting: “I believe that cinema is the safest place to experience fear. The audience will ultimately feel safe behind the silver screen. After such a thrill, they are left with a full awareness of the brutal existence of evil.” – Shivaan Makker Celebz Treasure 2023


Official website.

Vimeo link.

Official IG: @ill_shiv_u  and @phen0barb

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