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Featured: Tommy HotHands’ evocative new single titled ‘Fall Forward’

Tommy HotHands

Once in a while, we come across a track that feels poetic and sounds poetic. And the “sounds” poetic is a rarity in the musical realm these days. With a whirlpool of specific genres of music being blasted on streaming services, it seems the era of experimentation is slowly beginning. And with it comes the element of poetic and evocative vocals in music too! Look no further, as today, we showcase a poetic and vibrant new single by the artist Tommy HotHands.

Renowned for seamlessly weaving his personal experiences into his art, Tommy HotHands returns with a captivating new single titled “Fall Forward.” This enigma features heavily subdued vocals, sublime tonality, and sounds that evoke an inspiring vibe. Drawing inspiration from a speech by the famous actor Denzel Washington at the University of Pennsylvania, Tommy HotHands has encapsulated his own style and poured forth his creativity. “Fall Forward” proves to be an ideal inspirational anthem to kick off ’24, as the surreal element of Tommy’s vocals completely captivates the listener. The transitions he has meticulously crafted keep us on our toes with each passing tone. While the overall tonality is distinct and slightly unconventional, creating dissonance towards the end, Tommy HotHands skillfully reintroduces a cohesive tone, concluding the track on a wonderful note.

Genre-mixing is no easy feat, yet Tommy masterfully achieves this with “Fall Forward.” It defies categorization, as it is not confined to a specific genre—it is music, it is poetic, and, therefore, it is phenomenal. And if you are looking for a phenomenal start to this year then “Fall Forward” might be the answer to it (music-wise-art-wise!)

In its entirety, “Fall Forward” boasts numerous refreshing elements and is power-packed with Tommy HotHands’ artistic prowess. The single is now available for streaming on Spotify and also on our official Spotify Playlist!

About the artist: A Full Sail alumnus, Tommy HotHands AKA Tommy Chandler holds a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts and Design. His passion for music ignited with the first play of Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory,” a CD borrowed from a cousin. His musical tastes swiftly grew to embrace the sounds of Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and Kid Cudi, each artist leaving a mark of influence. As time passed, he found the list of influencers expanding to include the likes of Louis Tomlinson, Teddy Swims, and Kid Quill. In his music writing, he adopts a “Kevin Smith wordy” style, preferring to infuse hip-hop with simple beats and harmonies. Coming from an artistic background, storytelling is ingrained in his essence, a trait that beautifully translates into his lyricism and beats.

“I wanted this song to be poetic and easy listening. Soothing and relaxing. I wanted this to be a comforting song. Something that will be uplifting and that will be a reminder that 2024 is the year to fall forward on your dreams.” – Tommy HotHands.

For more details follow the artist on his official social media:

Instagram | Twitter | TikTok

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