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Entertaining People with Appealing Songs in the Electronic Dance Music Genre – Matt “Trance” Fury

Matt “Trance” Fury

Music is a universal language with numerous categories and genres to suit the tastes of millions globally. Music involves arranging and producing sounds to create appealing and alluring melodies and songs. It enables musicians and singers to produce songs expressing their emotions while showcasing their unique talents and skills, similar to artists. Music has been around for thousands of years but has evolved significantly due to the emergence of numerous genres, categories, and styles. Many genres attract significant following among the masses due to prevalent trends and popularity.

Some of the most prominent contemporary music genres of modern times include rock, pop, dance, club, electronic, techno, and trance. Musicians, singers, artists, and producers develop songs and music albums in various genres according to people’s tastes and ongoing trends or demands. However, some musicians and music artists can garner significant popularity due to their talent and ability to produce euphonious music that pleases people while entertaining audiences. Matt “Trance” Fury is a music artist and producer with several hit singles and titles to his credit, including Mother Earth and Father Time and 7 Steps to Resolution.

Trance Fury has been an active musician since the late 1980s and has been playing the keyboard since the age of five. However, he officially started his career in 1998 with his hit single Around the World and Back. Fury was born in Kingston, NY, on December 27, 1972, and completed his high school education at John Jay High School.

People have a lot of passions or hobbies related to sports, music, food, art, and several other creative activities. However, many fail to pursue their passion due to a lack of dedication, commitment, and courage to take risks. Matt Fury had the commitment and dedication to pursue his music passion and persevere despite the challenges and setbacks. Although Fury started his career in 1998, he kept his music passion alive by playing the piano throughout college and university life. He studied atmospheric science and meteorology at the University of Albany, SUNY, in 1993. Fury completed his associate of science degree in 1995 from Dutchess Community College in New York before graduating with a bachelor of science in computer science in 1997 from SUNY, New Platz.

Matt “Trance” Fury started his music career in 1998 with his first electronic title, Around the World and Back, under the TFR Records record label. The song reached the number three spot on the top-ten songs list of the popular music website in 1998. Fury developed an affinity for electronic music after listening to Trance Europe Express songs and compilations during his studies at the Dutchess Community College between 1994 and 1995. He later produced Armageddon in 1999, which reached the top position on the electronic/techno charts. Fury also released Whatever Worx! in the same year to broaden his scope in electronic dance music.

Electronic, techno and trance music gained traction in the late 1990s and early 2000s due to the increasing popularity of raves and electronic dance music festivals. Trance Fury released his techno/trance album Another 1000 Years in 2000 to mark and celebrate the millennium before taking a break from music production for a few years. He founded Trance Fury Radio in 2005 and assumed the music director role. Fury also became TFR Records’ owner and released 7 Steps to Resolution in 2006 after taking a five-year break from music production. The record received over three million spins on Pandora Radio due to its unique musical elements. Fury released three songs in 2009, including Mother Earth, New York City Winter, and Carolina Shore. The Weather Channel picked up Mother Earth and Father time as the Local on 8s background music. The other two songs, New York City Winter and Carolina Shore, also made their way onto the Local 8s background music list.

Trance Fury produced Yet Unknown (Weeping Guitar Mix) with Eddie Easterly in 2010 and extended play remix The Other Sides of Trance (Volume 1) in 2011, with the second volume of The Other Sides of Trance produced in 2013. Fury took a break before releasing his first new track in six years called Tropic of Capricorn in 2015. Two years later, he released Jacob’s Ghost and the extended play remix of Carolina Shore in 2017. Fury released North American Oscillation in 2019, and his upcoming “The Simple Things” album set for release in 2023 will mark his evolution as a director and storyteller. The album will be Fury’s first release in almost four years, focusing on rediscovery. Matt “Trance” Fury has entertained people with appealing songs in the Electronic Dance Music Genre and continues to attract audiences with his unique skills and expertise.

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