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Exclusive: Renowned author Dr. LaVern McCants releases a new book!

Just Fame features the renowned author Dr. LaVern McCants!

Dr. McCants

Dr. LaVern McCants has two new book releases. One book is written for a single women audience, and the other book is for teenage girls. The book Single Lady Wise Talk: The Rule-Changer, is an amazingly written book that empowers single women and provides much wit. This book is a go-to for single ladies. This must-read must-buy book went on the market on December 29th. Read more about this book at

McCants has written numerous books for teenagers and children, but her most recent release was Wise Girl Talk. The book Wise Girl Talk was also released on December 29th.  This book provides one of the wisest girl talks that a girl will ever have. It is evident that McCants is a trained professional in guiding girls on the right path. Read more about the book Wise Girl Talk at    

Dr. LaVern McCants, an education expert, has done significant education-related work to guide youth in positive directions. She has gained the name The Solution Provider for Rising Generation. McCants has several books for youth that will be on the market this year. 

Dr. LaVern McCants is truly an inspiration for many people! In the current era, her books are highly recommended and a must-read for all age groups. She is a major motivating force for youngsters.

Her books for youth, educators, school administrators, and parents are as follows but not limited to the following: What Every Teenager Needs to KnowChoices That Lead to a Promising Future, Parents Right to KnowProven Methods on How to Influence Youth to Make Wise and Responsible Decisions That Lead to Promising FuturesEvery Girl Deserves to Live Her Dreams, From Boy to ManhoodEvery Boy Has an Opportunity to Become a Great Man, Bullying Stops Here, The Secrets of High-Performing Classrooms, The Secrets of High-Performing Schools and The Essentials to Increase Parental Involvement in Any K-12 School: Knowledge That Every Educator Must Know.

Dr. McCants’ books can be purchased at,, on Amazon, from Barnes & Noble and also from booksellers worldwide. Both pre-orders and McCants’ books currently on the market can also be purchased from New York Worldwide Publishers® by phone at 212-NYC-0000. 

Follow Dr. McCants on Facebook at, on Twitter at, on Instagram at

Visit,, and for updates on when Dr. McCants is coming to your city. 

Dr. McCants will be featured in a100-City Empowerment Tour sponsored by New York Worldwide Publishers® starting in late 2021. Meet her in your city. Also, purchase her new releases now and place pre-orders for upcoming releases at or via phone at 212-NYC-0000, on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and at other booksellers worldwide. 

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