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Review: Deep C Divers’ new single ‘Buried Treasure’

Deep C Divers powerful new single!

Deep C Divers

Just Fame is today reviewing a new single by Boston-based original rock band Deep C Divers. It is titled Buried Treasure and is a riveting phenomenon. The single has an amazing blend of drums and guitars. The riffs are fascinating and quite exquisite. Overall, the single is powerful with Deep Chinappas enigmatic and powerful voice. With some stunning guitar work by Paul Erlich and Gregg Marcus. And engrossing rhythms by drummer John Bordage.

Listen to Buried Treasure now:

About the band: Deep C Divers are a Boston-based original rock band whose melodic hooks find a genuine appeal to the heart. Their music is a striking blend of alternative and classic rock with elements of funk and reggae tempered by pop sensibility.

Follow the band on their official social media for updates about future releases:

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