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Exclusive: Video Review of King Soloman’s ‘Wish For This’

“Wish For This” is a song that will have you amazed but inspired to work hard on your own goals.

King Soloman

The New York native turned Miami newcomer King Soloman dropped his trippy new music video for his latest release “Wish For This”. The new track exemplifies the determination and swagger of King Soloman in a way that shows he has big dreams and won’t let anything get in the way of them. You can see the confidence in himself as he boasts what he sees himself doing in the future, and for good reason. As usual with his music, it goes hard with boomy 808s along with crispy hi hat patterns and snares. The catchy flute melody seals the song together as each element of this track flows very well with one another. King Soloman proves that he isn’t a one trick pony with the use of interesting production techniques along with stepping outside the box with varying rhyme schemes and song structure.

The infectious melody along with his effortless rhymes come through to show that this is a song that demands attention as he has grown as an artist. The lyrics are self-assured but honest in the best way possible. “I get the dough, I make the hits, I flick the wrist, man I wish for this” is anthemic but echoed in the come up story that is modern day Hip Hop. Along with the track, he released a music video that’s as trippy as the beat that drives the song. Made with Lucrative Youth Productions, the video takes advantage of using a fisheye lens to bring you into the world of the song. The fast moving camera work is coupled psychedelic flashing visuals that put you into a state of awe. The video is shot in a recording studio, showing that his work ethic never stops even when making content that compliments his music. His groove and natural talent on the mic is comparable to those of the likes of Action Bronson and Danny Brown. ”Just wanna be equal, just wanna see the homies see the sequel”, Solomon raps these lines as it communicates that he doesn’t only wanna see himself succeed but the surrounding people that he cares about.

As he communicates his confidence he also communicates his fears of not getting there in the line, “Nightmares be prepared, hurts more if you’re scared”. It shows that even an artist as confident as King Soloman, nobody can escape the fear of failure. Solomon isn’t afraid to open up about his life in his music. As his other tracks like “Hands of Time” and “Wish Me Well”, “Wish For This” culminates as an almost finale of how he sees himself at the moment, but also in the future.

Overall, “Wish For This” is a song that will have you amazed but inspired to work hard on your own goals. Keep on the lookout as King Soloman is someone you will want to follow as he breaks through the barrier of Hip Hop to become one of the hottest artists in music today.

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