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Exclusive: Entertainer Airyee Everhart!

Airyee Everhart is an entertainer, originally from Detroit, Michigan.

Airyee Everhart is an entertainer, originally from Detroit, Michigan. She started out singing in her elementary school’s choir and later joined the dance team. She was also a part of the, ‘Concert Band’; despite not knowing how to read music. During this time, Everhart was very active in church; singing in the choir and acting in religious-themed plays.

Every year, at the advice of her mother, she made sure to take a dance class. In her later years, she performed in a Hip-hop Christian dance group for 3 years, touring around different cities and states. After moving on from the dance group, she studied voice-acting with a teacher.

Airyee Everhart, along with her employees, runs and manage, “Su Moon Entertainment”. The Company Manager is Marco Stefano. Su Moon focuses on talent management and reservations, exclusively for, Everhart.

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