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The Music of Hall and Oates!

Just Fame has got exclusive and vital information in regards to H2O. Gear up and get ready to hear the announcement!


We have assembled another group of superbly skilled musicians to perform the music of Daryl Hall and John Oates. As always, we selected the best musicians from across the country to honor this group’s massive library of songs and coupling them with a sophisticated electronic show that will certainly do justice to the music and feel Hall and Oates brought to their live performances.

H2O will be touring starting Jan 8 2021.

Through the years the amazing talent in and around this band just continued to develop and expand. The LIVE performances over the years were just frankly incredible and our goal is to bring some of that emotion and soulful musical environment into venues across the country and to share the love and respect we have for the players and writers that were all part of and to this day are the Daryl Hall and John Oates continuing Experience. We are thrilled to bring the all-star lineup that has been chosen for this live theatrical performance of the amazing library of songs made famous by Daryl Hall and John Oates.

We Bring You H2O…..Live!

Lead Vocals – Mr. Jason Ames

Drums / Vocals – Mr. John Bennett

Lead Guitar / Vocals – Mr. Frank Gonzalez

Saxophone / Percussion / Vocals – Mr. Lee Gabe

Guitar / Vocals- Mr. Juan Aguirrechu

Bass/ Vocals- Mr. Paul Boylson

Keyboards – Mr. Robert McCarthy

“It is with tremendous pride and respect for all the members of the Hall and Oates project over the years that we honor them all and play the music that spoke to a vast sea of people in a way that will never be forgotten.” – The members of H2O


PHONE: 561-788-ROCK (7625)


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