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Beyond Here Beyond Here


Overall the dynamic sounds and melodies are impressive in this album.

Margarita Shamrakov Margarita Shamrakov


Just Fame is today reviewing the new single by musician, producer and songwriter Margarita Shamrakov. The single is titled “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.” The unique...

Lynne Taylor Donovan Lynne Taylor Donovan


Lynne Taylor Donovan is well known for her songs like Sooner or Later, Sugar Lake and The Strong One.


“Marina Forever” is an enthralling journey of varied soundscapes and captivating melodic structures. Artist Tupperwave really showcases true versatility through this album. We highly...


With his swift delivery and wittiness, they can tell he is about to shake things up!


“A Pinch of Salt: On the Edge of Apprehension” is a fantastical and intense work from the brilliant mind of M.L. Williams. It speaks...


"Campaign Legend" beautifully transcribes and defines the artist’s extensive musical knowledge and proximities.


James C.B Gray will be starring and producing a movie is called "The Playbook Redemption" the film is an urban drama set out in...