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Interview with artist Ricky R Woodyatt aka Junior2Sav

“Nothing is impossible. Absolutely nothing. You can go were you want to go with your life. You just have to do it! I love you!” – Junior2Sav.


Just Fame got a chance to interview artist Ricky R Woodyatt Aka Junior2Sav. We talked about his new music, his upcoming projects and much more!

Q. Please tell us about your journey as a musician. What motivated you to choose this path?

Junior2Sav: My motivation to becoming a hiphop artist, began when I was a teenager rolling into the nineties listening to the new up coming artist like snoop dog, dre, eminem, bone thugs etc. If I had an influencer id say twista played a big roll with his unique way of rhyming. However not impressed with the messages these artist put out. So I became more interested in the instumental versions of hiphop and began to write my own story.

Q. You have managed to release a lot of singles recently. How were you able to do that?

Junior2Sav: January of 2021 I hooked up with tunecore distribution and began uplaoding my songs for the world to hear. When I finally got my spotify artist page I was so excited to see where I was headed. To see myself on spotify as a official artist was a game changer for me. I felt like I had what it takes. In the beginning stages there was alot of loops I had to jump through i was unaware of also. I had to learn to promote my music, how to monetize and how to get paid. The more I pushed myself the further I went. I knew if I stopped nothing would happen.

Q. Please share your creative process that you utilize while making music.

Junior2Sav: In November of 2020 I was going through alot in my relationship and had alot of time on my hands. As I began to think about the path of life I wanted to take, there was only one idea that came to mind within my reach. I already had a laptop, unregistered program I was using to make beats. So it was finally time! So I told myself “lets do it”! It was that day of November 8, 2020 I began my investing in a few pieces of equipment and the software id use to make it happen. My orders came in the mail within that week. I began educating myself about music producing and recording. I started making my own beats, shortly after id produce my first song from start to finish. I was intimidated and uncertain as well as stressed. After my results from my first song, I was tuned in 100% I knew this was all me. I had no coach, no help with anything when i came to creating, writing, recording and producing I was on my own. After a few songs I knew I had to step my game up and learn the business side of being a music producer. So I did and started distributing. Impressed with my own outcome I kept going.

Q. What’s next? Which are projects are you working on now?

Junior2Sav: As of 7/24/2021 I have twenty songs in distribution world wide on every music platform in the world within seven months. I am currently working on a collaboration with a few other artist in the future. Im also signed up with Sessions Live for online concerts and shows. I have my own brand “bEAtZwRAp sound lab”. This is where it all happens.

Q. Last question as we ask all our artists on Just Fame, do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to share with the world?

Junior2Sav: My closing message to the world: Nothing is impossible. Absolutely nothing. You can go were you want to go with your life. You just have to do it! I love you!

About the artist: Ricky R Woodyatt Aka Junior2Sav is musician raised in the city of Sacramento. He has been writing hip-hop music since he was twelve years old and it was then his journey began as an artist. In 2020, he started to take his music to the next level and decided it was time to push himself hard enough to make it happen. In January he released his first single “Sorry Momma” and as of July 23rd 2021 he released his twentieth single in  seven months.

For more details visit: Official website Junior2Sav

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