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The Hope of Inspiration, Acting and Beauty: The Trinity of an International Swedish Uprising Icon

Isabell Tinred

Isabell Tinred, an aspiring actress and model from Stockholm Sweden is set her work internationally. Isabell had her footprint internationally, from Feira Internacional de Lisbon in Portugal to Cannes fashion and film in France, she is always looking for exciting challenges that can express her inner callings for bridging her own artistic express and the spirituality at large. In 2018, Isabell also became the ambassadress for the Order of Culture and Peace, an organization based in London for the promotion of peace through arts. Now as an actress-to-be, Isabell is preparing herself in the education of theater theory, acting and choreography.

“Beauty, as a value should be more permanent than the fast trend, we are experiencing these days in both fashion and in social media” Tinred remarks. As an actress, the skills of emphatic engagement are the keys, that Isabell has fully mastered. In Stanilavsky’s word “The main factor in any form of creativeness is the life of a human spirit, that of the actor and his part, their joint feelings and subconscious creation.”

As a child, Isabell has already begun to show interest in self-expression, at the age of 3 she participated in a show group, sang and danced on famous stages in Stockholm, Sweden. At her high school, she has toured around the Nordic countries with a musical group, against drugs. She has been interested in acting from young age and participate in different plays.

“Beauty, as a value should be more permanent than the fast trend, we are experiencing these days in both fashion and in social media.”

-Isabell Tinred

Later she got into modelling commercial for organic clothing and catwalk shows around Europe.

These experiences have opened her innate thirst for being an internationally recognized actress that can share her life mission in inspiring the others, particularly women that are fighting to make the best both in their private life as well as in their careers. The role of a modern women is not just about the outward beauty, but the inner beauty is the ultimate expression of good spirit and self-motivation.

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