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Featured Artist: Sherona Laskey – A Stunning Creative Director

Just Fame features Creative Director Sherona Laskey.

Sherona Laskey

Just Fame is today featuring the super artistic and award-winning Creative Director Sherona Laskey. A filmmaker, storyteller, and a business branding brain, Sherona is currently based in South Bay, California. 

Her career spans from working for films and doing photography for more than 12 years. Her expertise also lies in VR, AR, and Live Streaming. Keep up-to-date with the current trends is one of her strongest skills. And when you look at her projects like Stupid Girl from Hill and  I Learned How or I Believe You (a music video that gained high praise through the Me Too Movement) you get a glimpse of the sheer audacity in her work! Add to that Catch Up & Slow Down, Last Saskatchewan Pirate, and Argue they are another stunning set of work from the super amazing Creative Director. Her specific skill set related to a unique exhibition of talent is seen in the music videos and commercials that she has directed and produced. 

Just Fame highly recommends watching glowSTRONG (both seasons, yes!) if you are a foodie or are into super yummy new recipes to learn! Produced by Crushed Rockets which is a film company owned by Sherona the light-hearted series is fun to watch. 

Graduated from the Centre for Arts and Technology, Sherona Laskey embarked on a journey in the creative field dabbling into photography, videography which focused on weddings through her company Two Hearts Media. 

Speaking about how she ventured into this field, Sherona shares, “I used to have nightmares when I was young. To console me, my dad would tell me that maybe someday I could make movies out of those dreams!” Since then, she was drawn to the world of films and the filmmaking process as such. Her specific niche lies in producing and directing unique music videos, fashion, and documentary films. 

When asked about her source of inspiration, Sherona adds, “My inspiration comes from watching John Waters, telling stories and listening to Prince.”

Her approach to create something new for her clients is also a priority for her. After giving enough consideration to what the artist requires, Sherona embarks on a creative journey through the new project to deliver what the client needs! And doing all this while bringing her own expertise as an artist and Creative Director in the forefront for a better outcome.

Team Just Fame is excited and looks forward to what this artist creates in her forthcoming projects!

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