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Exclusive update: Bobby Royale drops a new EP, ‘Royale With Cheese’

Just Fame has got exclusive and vital information in regards to Bobby Royale. Gear up and get ready to hear the announcement!

Bobby Royale

Just Fame has some amazing news to share! The amazing artist Bobby Royale is back with a slamming new EP. Working with guests as the world-famous Henry Bowers, the legendary AKEM, and M-roc.

Bobby Royale has dropped a new EP “Royale With Cheese“. After, immensely successful albums like “All Night Show” and “Live Jazz at Staarsound”, Bobby Royale is excited to release the new EP. With all of his previously released music becoming an audience favorite, it seems Bobby Royale has been working hard to release new music for the fans!

Usually, the unique structure and wonderful melody are a pretty amazing aspect of his music. The powerful voice of Bobby has always been up to the mark and has delivered the much-needed creativity which is lacking in music these days! The most pioneering aspect has been the lyrics and unconventional beats in his music. “Everyday People” is powerful and unique whereas “The One” is truly mesmerizing. “Cheddar” is a true gem in the album whereas “P.O.B” is quite distinct and super amusing! 

Just Fame highly recommends this album to its reader. It’s a sheer treat for the listeners!

Check out the official Spotify of the artist for updates about all future releases:

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