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Exclusive: The Rise of a Star in just a month!

Alexis P. LeTop to release something big pretty soon. Stay tuned!


Stereotypes of professional musicians tend to stick to one pole or another — they’re either a world-famous, arena-touring troubadour with a luxurious lifestyle, or they’re down on their luck playing in a dive while forgoing a “normal job.”

Take a look at reality and you’ll find one who are something in between: a new artist who aims to make is living off of his music and finds a variety of ways to do so while working 12 hours a day as a national Top performer car salesman for an American motors company.

Not only are this amazingly fresh and talented guitarist making his way in the business without the aid of a label, but new upcoming artist and songwriter is actually right in the fastest-growing segment of the global recorded music business. 

It all started a month ago when Alexontop Alias Allstars man Alias Alexletop posted a video of himself and his black electric guitar in hands covering the song from a famous rap-rock band. It was a cover but still the artist managed to find 12,000 followers to find him all around the planet and it reminds to all of us and especially all the new and upcoming artist how amazing it is today with the internet to be able to connect with his famous pairs and have the chance of a lifetime.  

With his social media bringing him everyday higher, we needed to reached him and the artist gladly confirm to us an astonishing news : 

The Platinum and Grammys nominated Producer: Kevin Erondu alias KEontheTrack sent to him 9 songs for him to bring to life and to success as the producer will take care of the promotion and distribution once the new Artist is done performing on it.

Now the world will be looking forward to hearing from this young man and until then, what a start this French Canadian is having in front of all of us! All the world has to be listening. Back to the music lifestyle for only a month actually is truly as amazing as to learn to create whole complete songs, named Primal Fears, with a release date on December 11th, 2020. Of course, the song will be available on all platforms. We wish all the best to this new and amazing artist as we will keep our eyes on him and everyone will remember where they see him in the first place and here it is, stay tuned for more, music worlds.

Follow the artist on his social media for all official future updates:

Facebook: Alex2theTOP

Instagram: Alexletop

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