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Drawing Arrows release their Debut EP ‘Rojo’

Just Fame features Drawing Arrows debut EP!

Drawing Arrows

Just Fame is sharing some exciting news in regards to the band Drawing Arrows. They have recently released their debut EP title “Rojo.” It contains wonderful songs like No Remedy, Siren and Genius. The drums, guitars, bass and vocals really shine through in No Remedy. Whereas Genius and Siren are groovy and eclectic with a captivating arrangement. Overall, the band does an amazing job in their stunning debut EP.

About the band: Drawing Arrows is a love letter to rock music. They have multiple influences ranging from Australian rock’n’roll, US grunge and flamenco guitar to Britpop rock and amped-up punk! Sidney (vocals) and David (bass/guitar) have previously worked on an experimental dubstep project (Milo Firewater). Haydn (drums) has previously played in rock bands (Fingerprints and Brandywine) and some time in jazz bands (RoomUpstairs and The Living Room Quartet) to round out his varied influences. 

For details visit:

Official Facebook: Drawing Arrows

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