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Blake Wharton’s new song ‘The Sweetest Love’ is funky and ecstatic

Just Fame features Blake Wharton!

Blake Wharton

Just Fame is today featuring Blake Wharton, a RacerX, motocross instructor, and a songwriter who is back with a stunning track “The Sweetest Love”. The exquisite lyrics and wonderful voice of Blake provides this track a peppy feeling. This track is guaranteed to become a definite hit.

The amazing structure, melodious tone, and upbeat rhythm are some of the wonderful aspects of the single. The honesty in his voice and the blending of soothing backing vocals creates a unique atmosphere. Blake Wharton is well-known motocross instructor too! And with subsequent successful songs like this, he is promised to succeed in the popular music scene.

Follow the artist on Instagram and Twitter for all future updates and upcoming releases. His music is currently streaming on Spotify.

Official Facebook: Blake Wharton

Official Instagram: Blake Wharton

Official Twitter: Blake Wharton

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