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Zachary Campos crafts a compelling musical project

Zachary Campos

In the musical landscape where tales often remain untold, Zachary Campos crafts a compelling narrative with his final musical project, The Castle. This EP emerges as a poignant homage to Franz Kafka’s eponymous novel and weaves a personal story reflecting Campos’ transformative life chapter. Set against the backdrop of an Extended Stay America hotel, the narrative unfolds with Monique Lucero, his partner and muse, alongside their beloved rabbit Luna.

The Castle is not merely an EP; it is a ceremonial farewell to Campos’ illustrious music career. As he embraces fatherhood and anticipates the arrival of his daughter in the fall, Campos is poised to embark on a new journey—pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming an author. This transition from music to literature marks a profound shift in his creative expression.

Recorded at Kingdom Voice Productions in Santa Clara, California, the EP features ukulele tracks and vocals by Campos himself, with Tim J. Abbott and Josh Zuckermann steering the production helm. The musical influences for The Castle are rich and diverse, drawing inspiration from icons like Johnny Cash, Jim Croce, Frank Sinatra, James Taylor, and Simon & Garfunkel. Gospel music also played a pivotal role, shaping Campos’ vocal style, particularly evident in tracks inspired by The Swan Silvertones and the song “Peace Among Nations.”

The collaborative spirit of the EP is highlighted through contributions from various artists. Alongside Campos, who penned the lyrics, the production credits include Josh Zuckermann and Tim J. Abbott. Santiago Diaz brought visual life to the EP through his artwork, while Paul García handled video production. Monique Lucero is credited not only as Campos’ inspiration but also as a vital emotional cornerstone in his creative process.

Zachary Campos, a native of San Jose, California, has a rich musical background blending elements from 1980s old-school hip-hop, 1970s classic punk rock, and 2000s indie rock. His career has been marked by an ability to connect with diverse audiences, performing in venues ranging from assisted living facilities to wineries. His music, deeply rooted in his personal experiences and surroundings, invites listeners to join him on a journey of resilience and self-discovery, one heartfelt verse at a time.

As Campos transitions from the world of music to the realms of literature, The Castle stands as a testament to his artistic evolution and the enduring power of storytelling through melody. This farewell project not only encapsulates his musical journey but also sets the stage for his future narratives, promising a continuation of his profound impact on the arts.

Stream the EP now: zacharycampos/the-castle

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