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Trending: The Distinguished Order of Disobedience release their new single ‘2000 MILES’

The Distinguished Order of Disobedience (The D.O.O.D.)

For Fans Of: Slayer, Bring Me The Horizon, Pantera, and Disturbed

The Distinguished Order of Disobedience, or The D.O.O.D., is making waves in the metal music scene with their latest track “2000 MILES.” This powerful new release is sure to resonate with fans of iconic bands like Slayer, Bring Me The Horizon, Pantera, and Disturbed.

Release Details

Track: 2000 MILES
Recorded at: Morrisound Recording Studio
Mastered at: Earache Records
Distributed by: Earache Records EDD

“2000 MILES” showcases The D.O.O.D.’s signature blend of intense riffs, powerful vocals, and relentless energy. The track, recorded at the renowned Morrisound Recording Studio, captures the raw essence of the band’s sound. Mastering by Earache Records ensures that every note hits with maximum impact, making this release a must-listen for any metal enthusiast.

Musical Excellence

The D.O.O.D. continues to push the boundaries of metal with their innovative sound and fierce musicality. The band’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their music, from the meticulous recording process to the expert mastering. “2000 MILES” is a testament to their dedication and passion for the genre.

Highly Recommended

For those who appreciate the unyielding force of metal music, streaming “2000 MILES” is highly recommended. The track is a powerful addition to any playlist, providing a perfect blend of aggression and melody that will leave listeners craving more.

With their impressive new release, The D.O.O.D. is solidifying their place in the metal music world. Be sure to stream “2000 MILES” and experience the relentless power and energy of The Distinguished Order of Disobedience.

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