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Tommy HotHands ‘Delete_’: A Bold Fusion of Genres and Musical Prowess

Tommy HotHands

Just Fame recently got the chance to explore Tommy HotHands’ new EP Delete_. The artist audaciously bares his emotional journey. Early access to the album revealed a depth of musicality that’s both bold and intimate. “Hit Delete_” poignantly addresses the theme of erasing painful memories from a breakup, allowing Tommy HotHands to craft a captivating sonic narrative. The track’s unconventional arrangement demands attention, while the understated vocals add a unique flavor. Another standout track, “What It Took_,” dazzles with its lively intro and distinctive tone, blending genres in an exhilarating way rarely seen in music today.

The EP showcases a vivid vibe and a distinct tone, enveloped in a powerful arrangement that masterfully melds various genres.

Stream Delete_ on Spotify now!

About the artist: A Full Sail alumnus, Tommy HotHands AKA Tommy Chandler holds a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts and Design. His passion for music ignited with the first play of Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory,” a CD borrowed from a cousin. His musical tastes swiftly grew to embrace the sounds of Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and Kid Cudi, each artist leaving a mark of influence. As time passed, he found the list of influencers expanding to include the likes of Louis Tomlinson, Teddy Swims, and Kid Quill. In his music writing, he adopts a “Kevin Smith wordy” style, preferring to infuse hip-hop with simple beats and harmonies. Coming from an artistic background, storytelling is ingrained in his essence, a trait that beautifully translates into his lyricism and beats.

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