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Third Development’s splendid album “The Thought of Tomorrow”

The Thought of Tomorrow is an exuberant album!

Third Development

Just Fame is today featuring the latest album by Third Development. It is titled The Thought of Tomorrow and comprises tracks titled Between the Lines, One, Home, Curious Wave and many more riveting numbers! The title track is a surreal extravaganza filled with a dreamy vibe. The arrangement is simple, subtle yet dynamic. Whereas Home is another masterpiece from the album. With soft, layered guitars and synths the track is reminiscent of music from a different era. The sentimentality of a hidden emotion is quite brilliantly expressed in the track.

Overall, The Thought of Tomorrow is an exuberant album with captivating melodic tones and distinct arrangements. It is currently streaming on major music streaming services.

Third Development was born out of a burning desire to create art at a time where there was (is) nowhere to go but ‘within’. Lead band member Geoffrey James sat down to compose and perform what became Third Development’s debut album, The Thought of Tomorrow, a blend of 80s infused synth and 90s inspired electronica to create a soundtrack for a life of optimism and hope. Third Development is not restricted by borders or boundaries—the band’s roster of guest artists is fluid and global to celebrate the connectivity of today’s world.

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