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The multiple sides of the musical patriot Andy Ross

Andy Ross

Andy Ross has accomplished just about everything he’s set his sights on. From being a CEO to being a musician, even a tv personality and a father, he has more sides to his character than we can keep up with. However, one thing is for sure, and that is– he loves all that he does.

Although his passion and love has brought him very far, his motivation to deliver the best product and experience to his supporters is what has caused him to achieve each of his dreams, no matter the industry. Within his musical career, he is currently working on his fourth CD release and looking forward to getting back to touring where he can play live all of the music he wrote himself. This self-made aspect of his artistry is something very present in his character.

Building a company completely on your own that keeps ease and convenience at the center of all it does for those working and supporting the brand is no easy task, but Andy has done it. With the launch of American Rebel “America’s Patriotic Brand” he has been able to supply many with quality gun safes and a variety of concealed carry solutions.

However, Andy Ross isn’t all business, as he loves adventure as well. Being a part of multiple hunting programs, sharing his love and enjoyment for things like bow hunting. In addition to this, he has become a familial personality that can speak and have discussions regarding such matters from his well-rounded view. With that being said, even being the cover of magazines has presented to the world, not just a businessman, but a huntsman, musician, and a father.

At the root of all his work, his family lies, and there is nothing he cherishes more than them. In fact, his daughters often come out to support their dad in his business ventures. Check out this photo of one daughter wearing her American Rebel gear: 

All of his work and developments as an artist, businessman, and patriotic personality are centered around his children that are growing up to be a part of this world just like the rest of us. His work takes into consideration all the lives he is blessed to be a part of and without a doubt an embodiment of the American dream that many can confide in. 

Keep up with Andy at and follow him on social media @andyrossrebel and by the links below:  

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