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The Insufferable Paul Scott’s new album ‘Tea And Medals’

Tea And Medals is currently streaming on major music streaming services!


Just Fame is today featuring the new album by artist The Insufferable Paul Scott. It is titled Tea And Medals and comprises tracks titled Bells Ring, 1000 Saints, Billions, New Song and many more captivating songs! Bells Ring has a distinct composition with wonderful experimental sound patches utilized in the song. Whereas 1000 Saints has a remarkable blend of engaging rhythms and melody. The mixing is quite phenomenal too. Lastly, Billions (our favorite!) is an amazing song with brilliant use of guitars and melodic tones to achieve a unique sound!

Overall, The Insufferable Paul Scott amazed us in his new album. He sounds passionate and his vocal range is quite invigorating too. The experimentation in his songs is adroit in nature and on top of that his mysterious persona does commingle well with the storytelling that he has showcased in his album.

Tea And Medals is currently streaming on major music streaming services!

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