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Shaking the Foundations of Jazz: Kobi Arad and his Innovative Musical Output

Kobi Arad

Just Fame is today featuring artist Kobi Arad who is known for his distinct musical pieces. Recently the artist has released a new album titled Childish Dreams which has a spectacular track titled Far India. We got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen!) into the song and were mesmerized by its sonic variety. The regenerative yet explorative blend of structural tonality is quite prevalent in Kobi’s music. Be it the propulsive rhythms or cascading melodic tones, Kobi blends otherworldly beauty with raw earthly sounds that are strikingly profound. And therefore probably Kobi’s achievement lies in introducing sensuality to Jazz which in itself is a rarity for this genre! 

His album “Anchor Lines” was kind of based on the notion of improvisation. And not only that it’s also a compositional system that he coined in which the melodic and harmonic segments unfold through improvisation to a full-blown composition! Whereas Childish Dreams brings lateral compositional swings on top of the improvisation aspect too. 

According to our sources, the artist is also working on an environmental project titled Fields which features Grammy award winner Ricky Kej, Victor Wooter and Cindy Blackman Santana! The project corresponds with the UN Mission of harvesting fields to better ozone layers. 

With such a refreshing approach to Jazz music, Kobi Arad’s music is definitely compelling and aptly showcases brilliant musical concepts, as most recently seen in his special guest appearance in the legendary Carnegie Hall! 

His music is now streaming on major music streaming services including Spotify and YouTube. 

About the artist: Kobi Arad (Internationally Acclaimed pianist – composer / Stevie Wonder Collaborator) is the first musician to receive Doctorate in the field of Third Stream / Contemporary Improvisation from New England Conservatory. A Grammy Awards voting member – he recently won the Holywood Music in Media Awards for Best Jazz (Sketches of Monk); Independent Music Awards for Jazz Instrumental Album (Segments) & Global Music Awards (Silver Medal) for World Music (Makams – Places).

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