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Rising Rap Star, Cardo Loot (@worldofloot) turns a new chapter with his 1st studio album “The Sun Also Rises”

Check out the exclusive review of Cardo Loot’s new album The Sun Also Rises.

Cardo Loot


Ricardo Mercado, also known as Cardo Loot (@WorldOfLoot on social media platforms), is originally from the Bronx, New York. Ricardo grew up witnessing a lot of crime in a diverse neighborhood but met some interesting people while his surroundings were poverty stricken. After growing up, witnessing and living life in the inner city, Ricardo moved to Miami in his early teens in search of refuge from the crime filled neighborhood of Bronx, New York. Cardo Loot moved to Miami for its ideal warm weather and change of scenery.

Miami’s positive energy mixed in with the streets of New York was Ricardo’s beginning of an uphill battle. This has inspired him to pave the way to producing music and henceforth, Cardo Loot (@worldofloot) was conceived. Using New York as his stepping stone and the diverse cultures of Miami, Ricardo started compiling his own style of hip-hop/rap music inspired by producers and rappers alike in the names of Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Big Pun, 50 cent, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Jay Z, and many more. Ricardo would listen intently to the rhythm and lyrics and how they were interwoven to create beautiful pieces of art. His keen ear is what appointed him to learning from the legends and applying it to his work ethic. (Cardo Loot @WorldOfLoot) was conceived in early 2017 where just a simple idea grew into something lasting. As Ricardo looks forward to painting more canvases he strives to get his message across to the world as he embarks on his journey and creates change.

Review of the album “The Sun Also Rises”

The hip-hop/rap style genre of Cardo Loot’s (hereinafter, the artist)’s music is clearly evident in all the tracks. There are ten tracks in the album in total. All the tracks have the general mixture of good background music and timely punches of bass with conforming lyrics, apprehensive choruses, and necessary transitions where the vibe is lowered from a high point to a low and vice versa. All the compilations are meaningful and carry a message that the artist tries to convey to his audience through his rap and music combined.

In the first track, “Surface”, the artist expressed his childhood New York experience; how life went through the paces quickly, living with poverty, having to wear worn out shoes, and where people used to smile with jealousy in their minds. He also raps about how he got over all these negativities, adversities and hoped to one day become successful. “Surface”, the title of this track carries a lot of meaning as it is used to explain the irony in the nature of people who smiled despite having jealousy in mind.

In the second track, “Interval”, the artist starts by rapping about how he headed down to the East Coast, which is Miami. He raps about how adverse Miami was to him when he first landed there and raps about the impediments he had to face when he first tried to create an identity for himself. He also raps about the thought processes he had to go through while overcoming these obstacles Miami had in offer and how he kept himself motivated all the time while facing these obstacles.

The third track is called the “Beginning”. The track starts off with a beautiful acoustic guitar lead and then transitions into a harmonious melody of background music. The artist starts rapping about his “Beginning” days in Miami. How he started working in Miami, working as day labor, drilling his way through the ranks, and then eventually began leading the workforce, reinstating that he was on his way to make it big in Miami. In this track, the word “Beginning” is meant to describe the beginning of his success in Miami.

In conclusion, this album is a nubile source of entertainment for all hip-hop/rap style music lovers out there. The artist has undoubtedly succeeded in compiling a superior music album for the listeners using his words and music.

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