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Rising Act TWOFEW Sets Stage for Bright Future with Fiery Single ‘The War’

The single is mixed and mastered by Grammy and Oscar-winning Engineer, Brendan Dekora.


A few months ago, most people probably never heard of the Phoenix-based Piano rock band, TWOFEW. Then they dropped their debut single and music video, ‘Lips Blue,’ and followed it up with a rock-solid sophomore tune called ‘Gone.’ The first two tracks have already gone viral on numerous different platforms, helping this previously unknown band garner a name for itself.

Fast-forward a few more months, and the band has lit things up again with their dark and in-the-moment new pop-rock single, ‘The War.’ They just dropped it on popular streaming platforms: Audiomack, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and their website (the band is picky where they place their finished product, opting for the best streaming quality for the end listener over distributing the track to as many outlets as possible).

“The War” was mixed and mastered by Grammy and Oscar-winning Engineer, Brendan Dekora (Credits with NIN, Foo Fighters, Billy Idol, Steven Wilson, Moby, Danzig, Marylin Manson, Muse, Neil Young, Michael Bublé, and Keith Urban, among others.)

Cover art for The War.

TWOFEW consists of three family members, Michael Lazar (vocals/piano), David Lazar (guitar) and Danielle Lazar (bass), accompanied by Mike Liebbe (guitar) and John Grigsby (drums). The last time we saw a famous family band come around was with the Jonas Bros. So, it’s high time for the next family act to set new standards.

But TWOFEW isn’t like any band you’ve ever heard of yet has subtle – and sometimes obvious – influences that you’ll most likely associate with in their tunes. Their new single opens with a hooky and memorable piano riff backed with light, syncopated drums and deep underlying bass. Coloring in the spaces between are tasteful and elegant, often harmonized lead guitar and subtle classic guitar riffs that augment this song, adding warmth, depth and one-of-a-kind feel.

Danielle Lazar performs ‘Lips Blue’ at Drive By studios in Franklin, TN.

You’ll be hooked before you even reach the pre-chorus, at which time the song’s signature theme is introduced … “Whoa—see the grindstone glow. Whoa—it’s a war we always know.” It’s there that this single takes a surprisingly catchier turn as it ropes the listener in with a big-sounding chorus that rounds itself out with Michael’s signature vocal nuances which are sure to get stuck in your head for many years to come.

To create this masterpiece, TWOFEW and their producer, Chris Lawrie, relied on the talents and gear of four different studios. The band pulled the drums in from Tallcat Studios in Phoenix. Next, they cut the piano tracks at TWOFEW’s home base: Let’s Rock Out Records. Then, they created the remaining tracks at Cygnill Studios in Tempe. Finally, they fired over all of the tracks and the reference mix to Brendan Dekora’s studio in LA to mix and master the final track. The band says there is a forthcoming, fully animated, Zombie music video that’s about to drop sometime in late March or early April to accompany this new single.

Left to right: John Grigsby (Drums); David Lazar (Guitar); Mike Liebbe (Guitar).

When I inquired who the lyrics of the song were about, Michael Lazar told me: 

“I think what makes this song so special is that it will have a distinct and unique perception for everyone who hears it. In my opinion, that’s what makes music so beautiful and undeniable as evolving art in the modern day.”

In just a few more weeks after the release of this tune, TWOFEW is gearing up to drop another fan-pleaser called “When We Save the World.” The song will serve as a supplement to this one and will continue the story, the band has said.

Above all, lyrics and musicianship emphasize the culmination of the Lazars collaborating with top-shelf musicians, producers and engineers like Cygnill, Mike Liebbe, John Grigsby and Brendan Dekora to procure a unique sound with signature delivery.

Have a listen to it on Audiomack at:

There you have it. If you want to learn more about TWOFEW, see their music video or download their music, which is free for a limited time, you can visit them online at:

If you want to learn more about Brendan Dekora, please visit:

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