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Recommended Reading: “The (un)Lucky Sperm – Tales of my bizarre childhood” by Brett Preiss


Just Fame is today featuring the new book by author Brett Preiss. It is titled The (Un)Lucky Sperm – Tales Of My Bizarre Childhood.

“The book is a funny memoir, not a misery one!  This book of tales gives an insight into the reality of growing up as the “odd one out” in an outback mining town in Australia called, Broken Hill. Living in the outback of Australia can make or break you.” – Brett Preiss.

Brett Preiss

About the author: Brett Preiss was born in a mining town called Broken Hill in the hot, dry outback of Australia. When he discovered there was a world beyond Down Under, he packed his bags, and for the next thirty years taught internationally in Japan, Germany and the Netherlands. He is an author, ESL teacher, musician and mindfulness instructor. He also loves to tell jokes and tap dance (not at the same time!). Brett entered the writing foray with his first book, ‘Go, Percy! Go!’, which was published in English and then in Dutch as ‘Hup, Peter! Hup!’ His second book, ‘I’m Crazy About Holland Because . . . ‘, was a chance to share his love for cows, cheese and clogs. One of his favourite quotes is from an English author, Humphrey Carpenter: ‘The nice thing about being a writer is that you can make magic happen without learning tricks’.

The book is now available on Amazon!

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