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Ravoshia A Fearless Sensation


“I don’t belong in a box, however, I am the inventor of an imaginary box”

This quote alone speaks volumes on the mindset of Ravoshia, a female musician, who can seemingly do it all, as in; singing, dancing, and writing in more ways than one. It’s insane how she combines those things in a unique manner that hasn’t been quite done. Ravoshia’s new Mannequin Performance Style 101 video is bold, imaginative, and weird in the best way possible. The theme is red and black as she is seen in an edgy red and black zipped jumpsuit with a black non-facial mannequin in a set pose. As well as, with an eye-grabbing red and black triangle background, that really stands out masterfully. In the visual, she displays the format (Me+ 1) which first starts off with Ravoshia faced the same way, in the same exact pose as the mannequin. She begins to perform I Got Five On It the movie U.S’s version then transitions into the original song. By the end of the video, you get a good amount of information that helps you have a better understanding of Mannequin Performance Style 101 is and how Ravoshia came up with the idea. She is a beautiful mastermind at work and doesn’t seem to hold back, with the visual climbing up in views on YouTube it’s no telling what heights it will go to.

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