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New Wood Paddle Rule Announced to Shake up the Pickleball World, MYPadL Banz Provides Solution

Following recent controversy over delaminating paddles, the International Pickleball Paddle Federation (IPPF) announces a major rule change, endorsing reclaimed hardwood and medium softwoods for paddles and MYPadL Banz to identify player’s equipment.

MYPadL Banz

Oceanside, CA 4/1/2023 – Amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding delaminating pickleball paddles, the International Pickleball Paddle Federation (IPPF) has announced a groundbreaking rule change to come into effect starting June 2024.

Astonishing change in pickleball regulations puts an end to delaminating paddle issues. Reclaimed hardwood and medium softwoods take center stage, offering an innovative solution that meets tradition in the new age of pickleball. Lively debates and excitement surround the new rule as players and fans alike adapt to this unexpected development.

Farewell to performance-enhancing paddle effects. Opt for MYPadL Banz to personalize and identify your equipment, ensuring that your reclaimed wooden paddle stands out from the rest. Onward to a new era of fair play in pickleball, as the wooden revolution begins!

Drawing inspiration from other professional sports that utilize wooden equipment, such as Major League Baseball with wooden bats and professional cricket’s wooden bats, the IPPF is confident in the potential benefits of this rule change.

The new rule mandates that all paddles used in official tournaments must be made from a solid piece of reclaimed hardwood or medium softwood, putting an end to the performance-enhancing effects caused by delaminating paddles.

The IPPF has endorsed various reclaimed woods, such as Olive, Pistachio, Pecan, or any other nuts, for the new wooden paddles, citing their durability and natural springiness. With the majority of wood paddles expected to look similar, MYPadL Banz offers the perfect solution for players to easily identify their paddles.

MYPadL Banz are a customizable, reusable, and stylish way for players to personalize their equipment. These bands can be easily attached to the handle of a pickleball paddle, making it easy to identify individual paddles.

Contact: Sam Goodwin

MYPadL Banz

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