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Fred Argir’s riveting new album “Despair & Ecstasy”

Fred Argir

Just Fame is today featuring the new album by Fred Argir. Known for his stunning music, the artist has recently released his new album titled Despair & Ecstasy. The album comprises tracks titled Jumper, Lay Me Down, Babes and many more stunning number. Jumper is a powerful number with intriguing intro and sublime vibe. The vocals along with a superb blend of rhythms is quite exquisite. Lay Me Down is another surreal song from the album. The scintillating aspect of the single lies in its spectacular arrangement laden with gripping guitars and alluring beats.

Overall, Despair & Ecstasy is an impressive album and therefore Just Fame highly recommends it.

The album is now streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: The Minneapolis-based musician, recording artist, and Grammy Recording Academy member has released seven albums and one single over ten years, all written, produced, and engineered himself. Argir’s driven, DIY approach to music is an extension of his 30-plus years of recording and performing experience, and not only does he make the albums himself, he plays every instrument on them (with the exception of live drums).

For more details follow the artist on his official social media:

Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

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