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“For 2022 there are two genres that could really dominate the scene” – FRENSH

Most trending EDM Genre for 2022?


Slap House, Future Bass, Tech House, Future House, Deep House and many more. The EDM jungle is huge. There are some trendy sub-genres of EDM, like Slap House, which was just everywhere in 2020 and 2021. But every trend has an expiry date. What is trending in 2022, and what are the biggest producers in the scene going to focus on?

We have asked FRENSH for that. He is a DJ and producer from Austria and he definitely knows what’s going on in the scene. So, what are the trending genres for 2022?


Actually, this question is not that easy to answer. It always depends on, what the big names in the scene are going to produce. The trend of Slap House was actually really immense, like every EDM producer made a Slap House track, because there was this one track from Dynoro which had so much success, and every producer wants success, so they’re going to copy the successful producers and try their luck. It’s important to be very fast if a new trend comes up, you have to be one of the first ones, else you are just one of 1000. But what I can see is that for 2022 there are two genres that could really dominate the scene. One, future rave, which Morten and David Guetta brought to live. It’s a completely new sound, it combines old techno and rave sounds with modern and harder Big Room and Dutch House Vibes. The second one is Tech House, many big DJs like Carnage switched to it. Also, there are some really successful tech house tracks yet. So future rave and tech house are actually the trending genres for 2022.

Cover Image: FRENSH, DJ and Producer.

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