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Featured Single: Wither by The Rocketz

The single is now streaming on Spotify.


Just Fame is today featuring The Rocketz’s new single. It is titled Wither and is a splendid single with a breathtaking arrangement. Known for tracks East LA and Uncontrollable Urge, the band has released a phenomenal album titled Lovesick & Heartbroke that has their signature sound. Wither, part of the album is a sublime song with evocative melodic tones and vibrant energy. The rawness in terms of vocals and its overall texture that is ingrained in the single is captivating too.

The album is currently streaming on Spotify.

About the ban: THE ROCKETZ hail from Los Angeles, CA and blend rockabilly with rock and roll, their sound uniquely identified by the fluid, Gretsch guitar tones and throaty, grainy vocals of front man Tony “Slash” Red-Horse. Always animated, always passionate, Tony guides the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions about life, love and heartbreak. This power trio sometimes morphs into a four-piece adding either a 2nd guitarist or a sax player or you might be lucky enough to catch the show where he spots a fellow artist in the crowd and simply hands his Gretsch off and proceeds to free style with the band.

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