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Featured: Sephe’s new album is now streaming on Spotify!


Just Fame is today featuring artist Sephe’s latest album. It is titled ‘twist?d’ and is totally alluring. Dive into the mesmerizing soundscapes which is a fusion of experimental Hip-Hop and Funk. Each track is a testament to innovative musical craftsmanship.

After his last hit ‘Lorana.mze’, it’s evident that Sephe has ventured into a new creative realm. And ‘twist?d’ is proof that this artist is here to stay and is going to bring mesmerizing sonic journies for music lovers and his fans.

About the artist: Sephe is an experimental hip-hop artist from California. In March of 2021 Sephe (Originally under the name “Bacleo”) dropped his debut EP “Neo” and immediately began experimenting with a mixture of Trap, EDM, and R&B. Sephe gained popularity with his single “Vengeance”, which was released 2 months after Neo. it would takeover by storm with its pounding bass and high treble bouncy EDM/Hip Hop beat. But Sephe’s name wasn’t officially set in stone until late 2022, with Lorana.Mze” and “Change” Sephe was able to make noise with his heavily experimental sound.

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