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Featured: Read the News Unleashes Electrifying New Single ‘Flex’

Read the News'

Today, we’re spotlighting Read the News’ freshest track ‘Flex’—a single that’s nothing short of electrifying. We snagged an exclusive first listen, and let us tell you, it’s a banger. Kicking off with a charged intro and a beat structure that’s pure fire, this track grips you from the get-go. The beats cascade with a magnetic pull, setting off vibes that are downright mystic. With transitions so slick they’ll slide right into your psyche, Read the News ushers you into a soundscape that’s both dreamy and off the beaten path. The melody—interwoven with haunting vocals and a sizzling sonic fabric—is a rare find in today’s EDM world. Trust us, Read the News got the groove that’ll make you move.

Just Fame highly recommends this single and has also added it on our official Spotify Playlist!

Also check our the striking artwork of the single by the digital creator Parsa Mostaghim.

About the artist: In 2020 Zurich-based duo Lukas Mayer and Ryder Ulmer began their collaboration, both producing and performing at events in Switzerland. They both possess a passion and fascination for melodic house & techno, and actively seek inspiration in various music genres. From 2021 onwards, their productions received recognition from several credible artists in the industry and were played at many events throughout the world. They later would go on to create their independent record label “Read the News Records” and release further productions on various other record labels. 

Official Instagram: Read the News

For more details visit:

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