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Featured: JBlanked’s song “Is You Wit’ Me (feat. TonyFromTheCity)”

The exploratory nature of the single is commendable!


Just Fame is today featuring the new single by artist JBlanked. It is titled Is You Wit’ Me and features the artist TonyFromTheCity. The intro is ethereal with a unique blend of playful vibe and uptempo beats. The thrilling melody allegedly evokes propulsive emotional swings! This in itself is the mastery of JBlanked that is visible in each and every song of his album CLARITY. TonyFromTheCity is impressive and adds a vibrancy of his own to amplify the colorful musicality of the single. The exploratory nature of the single is commendable and it also adds a stunning creative break from the single Lost Ones which is the first track of this album.

Listen to the single now:

About the artist: JBlanked is an American Hip Hop producer-songwriter born in Lynchburg, Virginia and raised in Greensboro/High Point, North Carolina. His unique timbre creates a compelling atmosphere in all of his music. Besides making instrumentals, he is also an audio engineer, artist, and graduate from Full Sail University.

For more details about the artist and his music visit:

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