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FEATURED: Interview With HipHop Artist Stackboi Tank

“The best feeling in the world is to see an abstract, imaginary idea in your head come to life with the help of musical instruments and studios.” – Stackboi Tank.

Stackboi Tank

Just Fame got a chance to interview HipHop Artist Stackboi Tank, also known by his real name Chanz Miller, who is a rising music artist and a fascinating personality. He is a perfect demonstration of working one’s way up with hard work and perseverance. While talking to him in this interview on Just Fame, we learned hidden aspects of his life that majorly contribute to his success and showcase his humble background. Stackboi Tank is truly a gem of a person and a great asset to the HipHop music industry!

Q. It is wonderful to have you on Just Fame! Could you please tell us about your journey as a musician and how did you embark on this path?

Stackboi Tank: I am honored to be here. Thank you. My journey… is a tough one. As you might already know, I started from scraps – I came from zero to hundred in actual meaning. Coming from extremely humble means, my musical journey began with a local rap group called “The Real Stackboiz” Soon, I found my music family in these people and took the dream forward by putting my blood, sweat, and tears into my music career.

Q. Your single “Airway” is now streaming on Spotify. Please tell us what was the inspiration behind this song?

Stackboi Tank: Airway” is a song that is really one of my favorites because everyone on the song freestyled their verse. None of it was written! Having come from a low income family and losing a friend at a young age, all my songs contain bits and pieces of my life, long and tiring yet beautiful. This song’s response was genuinely overwhelming and gave me the motivation to keep going. I love my fans, and they reciprocate the sentiment greatly.

Q. Kindly share with us your creative process, which you follow while you make your music?

Stackboi Tank: I do not have an organized process with clear-cut steps that I follow while composing music. I get creative outbursts for days when all I want to do is create music. Tunes and lyrics come naturally to me at random places and times. I try to record the tune in my head as soon as I can start feeling it and then work with it. Similarly, I also write whatever lyrics my brain comes up with on its own in my Notes app. This helps me remember where I was at the last time I wrote a song and build from there.

The creative process is not smooth; it is bumpy and rough, but a rewarding experience indeed. The best feeling in the world is to see an abstract, imaginary idea in your head come to life with the help of musical instruments and studios. My studio is heaven for me; I spend most of my time there, following my heart and cherishing my talent.

Q. What motivates you in your life?

Stackboi Tank: Since I am also a father to two beautiful angels, a boy, and a girl, my primary motivation in life has been to give them the best life possible. I also want to help younger, upcoming, struggling artists come under the limelight and show the world their talent. I know what it feels like to be down there; I do not want more people like me to suffer at the hands of economic inequalities. My motivating factors are to help others, to make my family the happiest, and to take the music industry to the next level with my music.

Q. Who are your favorite musicians, and why?

Stackboi Tank: Some of the absolute legends who are also why I am here in the first place are Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Future, and HotBoys. I grew up listening to these fantastic artists and always looked up to them. It would not be wrong to say that I tried to follow in the footsteps of these talented musicians, and it has worked out amazingly for me. They deserve love and recognition because they started out from the bottom and made their way to the top without any nepotism or ill means. The respect I have for these musicians in my heart is unreal. I feel like a part of the fraternity now.

Q. Any daily mantra or regime that you follow to stay creative?

Stackboi Tank: I keep reminding myself that life is too short of taking a break or slacking around. Losing a friend at a young age made me see how uncertain life truly is and how essential it is to cherish it greatly. Since then, I have tried to make use of every day of my life, making music and spreading love.

Q. If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

Stackboi Tank: I would like the music industry to become more welcoming and inclusive to young and struggling artists. I would also like nepotism to be nipped in the bud because it affects the chances of a lot of talented individuals.

Q. Kindly share a few tips for aspiring artists out there.

Stackboi Tank: I see young artists hesitant while entering the music industry, despite being insanely talented and having excellent music skills. They just lack the self-confidence and self-belief which are truly the essential elements towards success. I want to say to them that you need to start reclaiming your space! Do not be afraid of entering the industry and making that first move. The sooner you launch yourself as a musician, the better your chances of advancing forward through the industry and, with some hard work, reaching the top.

 Q. What next? Which projects are you working on now?

Stackboi Tank: Having released quite some songs this year and making them successful on Spotify, I am currently taking a break from composing and releasing music. This spare time is necessary for me to clear my head and make myself ready for the next bout of creativity that I will have after a few months.

Q. Lastly, do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to share with the world and our readers?

Stackboi Tank: I want to advise the readers to follow their dreams and prioritize their goals over anything and everything! Making dreams into reality is a fantastic feeling that everyone should experience. If you follow your music-related dreams, you will be able to make a career out of your passion, which is the best pathway in life!

About the Artist: Stackboi Tank (known by his real name, Chanz Miller) was born in Detroit, Michigan. His age is 26. By profession, he is a HipHop Music artist, a rising YouTuber, and an extremely talented entrepreneur. He directs and edits his own music videos. He has worked with plaque-earning producers such as Helluva and Antt Beatz. He has also been featured on Detroits Hot 10.7.5 on many occasions. Even as a kid he had a great love for music that he turned into his full-time job as soon as he graduated from college and had a baby daughter. Since then, Stackboi Tank has been paying his bills with his lyrics which are quite inspirational for all aspiring HipHop music artists.

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