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Featured: Artist KnowThatVoice Releases a new single titled “Pressure”

The single is currently streaming on Spotify.


Just Fame is today featuring the new single by artist KnowThatVoice. It is titled Pressure and is a phenomenal track with an exquisite arrangement. The intro cajoles us right away with power-packed rhythms and sublime KnowThatVoice’ delivery. His flow is enthralling and quite expressive with a distinct tonality. The spectacular aspect of the single lies in the usage of majestic melodic tones. And this coaxes us to listen to this track on a loop mode (albeit – we did!).

The artist has released a new single after his notable release Update in 2021. The vigor and the spirit that we experienced in Update remain the same in Pressure. And this showcases KnowThaVoice’s conscious artistic expression to create a unique sound of his own. Music lovers would certainly await and would love a full-fledged EP from the artist. Well, time will tell what is artist currently working on! But until then drench yourself in this super amazing and wonderful track Pressure which is currently streaming on Spotify!

About the artist: KnowThatVoice is a Los Angeles based artist from Baltimore, Maryland. He has been making music for years and now is starting to gain serious traction globally. His bar heavy yet ever-changing flows set him apart from his contemporaries. As he brings his talents to the world stage, he asks that everyone sets their focus on one thing. THE MUSIC!

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