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Exploring the Multifaceted Talent of R.E.N: Breaking Barriers and Redefining Musical Expression


New York, NY – Finding her distinct voice and creating a mesmerizing impact in record time, R.E.N. has proved all opponents wrong. A triple threat, R.E.N was born a Los Angeles native and has had an acclaimed career in acting and dance, and only recently entered the world of music. With records such as “Rendezvous,” “Maybe It’s Me,” which dropped in 2022, R.E.N continues to display a stellar style and inventive spirit. The up-and-coming singer-songwriter emanates a sultry, inviting, and passionate character with records that entice audiences to lose themselves in her music. Only in the music game for a year, R.E.N has four singles on all streaming platforms, two of which were created in collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Kyle Trewartha of “Grey,” and others with Disney and Capitol Records producer Danny Solano.

R.E.N’s newest drop, “Fuck Me Goodbye,” paints a vivid picture of the limbo that one exists in between relationships- exploring your sexual appetite with an ex but tied to the search for Mr. Right. Delving deep into the complexities and bittersweet emotions that one is submersed in, “Fuck Me Goodbye” is a poignant yet confident ode to letting go of a person you had years of history with.

Keeping audiences engrossed in her idyllic soundscapes, R.E.N plans to drop two new records. Her track “Fantasy” will explore how one actualizes their sexuality and the conflicting emotions accompanying the discovery. In contrast, “Female Domination”, a track penned in light of the reversal of ‘Roe v Wade’, will attempt to debilitate prevalent double standards between sexes.

Check out R.E.N’s music and subscribe to the artist on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube to stay up to date on releases. Follow her on Instagram & TikTok and get to know a stunning budding artist in the Pop industry! Reach out to the artist through email for distribution deals, management/P.R. offers, and collaborations with producers.

ABOUT  Born a Los Angeles native with a background in dance and acting, Lauren “R.E.N.” Forge is a prolific and sensational Pop artist. Currently residing in New York City, R.E.N models full-time, having worked most notably for the likes of icons such as Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, & Estée Lauder. She trained at Lachsa, the #1 art school in the country, pursuing theatre and musical theatre. Her passion for dance led her to train at the Palos Verdes ballet and at The Debbie Allen Dance Academy with the seasoned maestro, Debbie Allen. Currently, R.E.N is involved in music training with Grammy-nominated artist, Zenya. Having been immersed in the arts from a young age, R.E.N recently decided to delve into a new artistic passion — music. Captivating listeners with her stirring records, she remains inspired by the “Pop princesses”- Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Lorde.

CONTACT R.E.N Name: Lauren Forgé Email:

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