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Exclusive: Up and close with Jiyar


Just Fame recently interviewed artist Jiyar who is known for his unique compositions.

Q. Welcome! How are you doing?

Jiyar: Thank you. I’m fine, I’m working hard on my new songs. After my new single “REQUIEM” I decided to make an album with the same concept. The “REQUIEM” project was a great teamwork.

After a short vacation and spending some time with my wife and son, I will start my new album project

Q. Kindly tell us how did you come across the idea for your new single REQUIEM?

Jiyar: Every day we receive bad news about a war going on in some corner of the world. We all know that war affects the lives of others. If we look at the news of the last 20 years, we see that after the Second World War, war did not stop, but changed into new formats. Peace and tranquility is a dream that we will achieve if war really stops in the whole world. It seems that darkness and evil continue to work unabated. Many and endless efforts of peace seekers have been fruitless until today. The only power that can stop it is to call upon our Holy Mother to protect her children.

This song is the inner call of all of us people on earth. Politicians small group have made life difficult for the vast majority of people on planet.

Q. Who are you favorite artists and any one artist you would like to collaborate with?

Jiyar: There is many real artists I am following and I like to collaborate with but the first name is always shining in my world is Andre Bocelli. Also, I am very interested to collaborate with Secret Garden music group.

Q. Any word of advice for the young artists?

Jiyar: Unfortunately, the capitalist system produces Celebrities in the music market in order to make a lot of money from them. Real art should not serve the capitalist system. Art is a very powerful weapon that can create disaster if left in the hands of unqualified people. I kindly request the young artists to appreciate the gift they have in themselves and use it to develop affection and love and create beautiful human relationships.

Q. Please tell us about your team with whom you collaborate frequently.

Jiyar: Let me first thank my team. Thanks to dear Eszter Vegvari, her soft voice in REQUIEM added beauty and love to the song. And special thanks to dear Tim Stephenson for the effective narration, I believe he is one of the best. And many thanks to Alejandro Louvan, his voice is stunning in this REQUIEM.

Many thanks to dear Alan Anthony. He is a very talented composer.

I am proud to work with these artists.

Q. What’s next?

Jiyar: In my new album I will collaborate with the same artists that was there in REQUIEM project. I am trying to add an African and an Indian artist to the team.

“Jiyar is an artist who loves people of every language and skin color, my mission is that all people find my music close to their sacred feelings. I love you all and I pray that Lord will give us a life full of love and a planet without war and poverty.” – Jiyar.

Follow Jiyar on his official social media for updates about the future releases:

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