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Exclusive: The Versatile Songstress Phillye’s new EP “Loveology” will be streaming soon on major music streaming services

Keep an eye on her official social media for updates about the album!


Just Fame is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about American artist Phillye. Known for her riveting singles such as All I Ever Wanted, Im In Love and Weekend Love, Phillye is back with an amazing update for her fans and music lovers. According to our sources, the artist has announced her first EP titled Loveology which is all set to release in March 2022! We all know that Im In Love track had an amazing arrangement and was structurally a powerful song with evocative vocals by Phillye. On the other hand, her single Get It was well received by the masses and music critics alike. Whereas, All I Ever Wanted had dynamic rhythms and a vibrant vibe. And on top of that, the melodic tones of the single wrapped with energetic and peppy singing by Phillye made it an irresistible song for music lovers. 

With such varying discography that shows her creativity and lively spirit, her EP is surely going to be admired by a lot of music lovers and her fans. We can’t wait till the EP drops and the tracks are added onto many playlists across the globe.

About the artist: Sonya Smith, more popularly known as Phillye (pronounced Philly) hailed from the small town of Willow Grove, just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She received her stage name while at a studio in Kingston, Jamaica by popular producer Sly Dunbar who described her as a ‘fine filly’ from Philly. Her mother was a Jazz singer, and her father was a guitarist in the church. Her brothers were also musicians, who regularly held Jam Sessions at their home. These sessions coupled with the involvement in her church choir lead to Phillye’s undying love for music. 

Keep an eye on her official social media for updates about future releases:

Instagram | Twitter | Linktree

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