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Exclusive: Interview with artist Armaniii FrmDa Chiii

“I’m also dropping an E.P. called “Late Nights, Early Mornings” on April 1st on all platforms so make sure to download that. It’s definitely going to be a wave.” – Armaniii FrmDa Chiii.

Armaniii FrmDa Chiii

Just Fame got a chance to interview artist Armaniii FrmDa Chiii. We got insights into his journey as a musician, his favorite musicians, tips for aspiring artists and much more!

Q. It is wonderful to have you on Just Fame! Could you please tell us about your journey as a musician and how did you embark on this path?

Armaniii FrmDa Chiii: I’ve been doing music since high school; I had my pro tools and fruity loops set-up, turned my closet into a booth and went to work. The room was so small, me and my older cousin use to have to share it. Then all my friends would be over in this little ass room just recording to any beat we could get. Didn’t know anything about engineering, or plug-ins, no nothing, just pressing that little red button and rapping. I used to be making songs to warm up too for my track meets and football games. I was in a couple of teenage groups managed by my mentor Tony Baines. I used to be called “TrackStar” back then, felt like I would be the star on any track because my sound was always different from everybody else.  But this is the first time I’m taking it seriously as a solo artist and looking at it as an actual career. I always knew I wanted to be an artist and actor, but I wanted to go to college and graduate first. I’m going to be all done in May, so things are heading in the right direction.

Q. Your new single “Party N Bullshit” is now streaming on Spotify. Please tell us what was the inspiration behind this song?

Armaniii FrmDa Chiii: Yes! It’s out there! Everybody stop what you doing and go download that! That is definitely going to be one of those summer anthems. Also, shout out to my sister Morgan Mimosa for making that beat! She was in town for the weekend from Atlanta and we were riding around and playing each other our songs, we had been working on. Eventually, we started playing instrumentals and she ended up giving me that one and a couple of other beats. I had already started working with an engineer (Saint the Good Boy) on other tracks so I knew he would be the perfect person to work on this with.

The inspiration was that I just wanted a song that all races could relate to. Everybody Party ‘N’ Bullshit so I’m like yea that’s got to be the theme. Then, I liked how it was really upbeat, reggaeton like, and wavy. The sound matched exactly the wavy vibe I had been looking for. It’s a lot of talented artists from Chicago but I just wanted to create my own lane. I knew If I could get the guys on the block to nod their heads and the females to move their hips, I was working with something. So yea, I knew it would be a great single to debut my new name, my new sound and establish a wave leading into the summer.

Q. Kindly share with us your creative process which you follow while you make your music.

Armaniii FrmDa Chiii: Well first I have them play the beat, just to catch a vibe and see what type of beat it is. Then, I do what I call “ride the wave”. I go in there and free style like different melodies and sounds and different tones in my voice, and just say whatever comes to mind. Now, that I rode the wave, the song itself is pretty much done, because by then I then ran through the whole song to the point I know where the verse, hook, bridge, solo and etc. is already! And, the engineer already started mixing to the point where even my mumbles, where I’m missing words, sound like I’m saying something already. It gets to the point where you are so caught up in my wave, as you sing along, you start to put your own words where I mumbled at. Then the next day you might be asking for the song and I’m like it ain’t done yet. And you looking at me crazy like it sounds done to me! But like after that I like to bounce them and listen in my car; because I got them 15’s, so I like the bass to be like “BOOM, BOOM’ ear drum bussin’. Then I can change little things about it for the final version, etc. But yea, it’s crazy I get that all the time because I’m a people person, so I don’t mind like fellow artists in the studio while I record. I normally have my homie Xotti and $cam Likely around, maybe some females if I’m on some R&B; well R&G (Rhythm & Gansta) sh*t. Just to see if the beat and song get them vibing and dancing. I’m like really big on the head nod (lol) like if I get that I already know its potential; so, it’s just my job to bring that out of them.

Q. You are into multi-disciplinary fields! How do you balance acting, modeling and music making?

Armaniii FrmDa Chiii: Well music is my first love, so any free time I’m mainly in the studio; or listening to beats or something while I’m moving around. But I think all of it goes back to me being my own brand and wanting to be as marketable as possible, and making life as easy as possible for my manager Helen. I Grew up doing stage plays in high school and free-lance modeling work, so I have always been comfortable on stage in front of crowds. I also grew up playing in multiple sports, so balancing different fields isn’t that difficult because I have been doing it my whole life and having a great team around me doesn’t hurt either.    

Q. What motivates you in your life?

Armaniii FrmDa Chiii: My daughter, my family, my friends. To have that support and push for me to be successful in something I love to do is great motivation. Fans, people hearing my music for the first time and looking at me in surprise like “That’s You!?”. Just to see people happy and enjoying my music and them telling me to keep going and how tracks like ‘Party N Bullshit’ cheered them up, when they were down. Yea I’m from Chicago and don’t get me wrong, it gets bad out here but it’s still good party vibes out here. Everything we make doesn’t have to be about killing and robbing. We still have some of the best food here, the summers be lit, women are beautiful and etc.

Q. Who are your favorite musicians and why?

Armaniii FrmDa Chiii: I mean I listen to a bunch of different genres, but of course, most of my favorite artists are from Chicago. We just got a different swag about us that stands out to me. So, I’ll just keep it at my favorite Chicago Artists: Kanye, Durk, Von, Juice, Herb, Chance, Keef; and I’m not disrespecting them by only calling them by one name because 1. I’m from Chicago and we just don’t call them “Gherbo” & “Chance the Rapper” and etc. Like when Derrick Rose was playing with the Bulls, yea yall might have been calling him D. Rose but most Chicago people call him “Pooh”. In Chicago, you can not know somebody at they level and it still feels like they family, so we call them by they nicknames.

2. It’s like they are at that level where they solidified; they accomplished goals every artist in Chicago trying to get; so, they deserve that status. 3. Which is the most important reason and the one I relate to the most. They sound was different and when you trying to create a different wave and get people to catch on, especially in Chicago, man that sh*t is not easy. Especially when you know your sh*t hot, I mean everybody thinks they sh*t hot, but to know you siting on a historical album like Kanye, “College Dropout” and to watch him struggle to get one of the best albums of all time, where it was supposed to be. That sh*t motivating and scary at the same damn time (lol). It’s scary because he had a historical album and you see I keep saying historical because that was one of my favorite albums and people was not fu*king with it, as you can see on his documentary. But it’s also motivating because look at where he is today.

Q. Any daily mantra or regime that you follow to stay creative?

Armaniii FrmDa Chiii: Honestly no, because I’m around so many talented people that we push each other daily to be creative. Just to be in the environment gets the creative juices flowing. Yea I have a favorite artist and yea I listen to other people’s music, but I’m so locked into what I’m doing; I’m mainly listening to my own music or the guy’s music to see what we can do better on our songs. I also think social media play a major part in that too. Because it’s something new on their daily. It’s going to a new tik tok dance or phrase that forces you to keep up with what’s going on in society and that makes you constantly have to be creative.

Q. Kindly share a few tips for aspiring musicians and artists out there.

Armaniii FrmDa Chiii: Make music that expresses who you are and not what society makes you out to be. If you, do it for the love, it’s going to guide you in the right direction. And don’t care what people think, I mean you can take heed to criticism; but at the end of the day, it’s your art and you have to know what you’re doing it for, as well as be confident in yourself.

Q. What next? Which projects are you working on now?

Armaniii FrmDa Chiii: My next single will be “Chicago”. That will definitely be another Summertime anthem!!! And hopefully, I can get some of those favorite Chicago Artists I mentioned early on that remix!!! So make sure yall @ them (lol).

I’m also dropping an E.P. called “Late Nights, Early Mornings” on April 1st on all platforms so make sure to download that. It’s definitely going to be a wave.

Q. Lastly, do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to share with the world and our readers?

Armaniii FrmDa Chiii: Just follow me on all my social media platforms

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About the artist: Armani Vondre Robertson, also known as Armaniii FrmDa Chiii, is a Chicago Artist with a Wavy Sound. His New Hit Single “Party N Bullshit” shows His charismatic style and his unique delivery, which blend perfectly together. His up-tempo beats mixed with his catchy hooks make it impossible for you not to want to “Ride the Wave”. This multi-talented artist not only does music but acts and models as well. His marketability is untamable. Born & Raised in Chicago, he grew up listening to a variety of hometown artists who influenced him to come up with his own sound; which he coined “Waavvyy”.

Follow the artist on his official social media for updates about future releases:

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